News: Gameweek 7 - The Results

Posted by FlipjeTiel on 2018-10-05.

what an amazing Gameweek it has been. Although there were some surprises, such as the win of West Ham United over Manchester United (but was it really a surprise?), we predicted 8 out of 10 games correctly (Home, Draw, Away). It seems like we are warming up and getting the hang of this.

This week I have compared our results to the bookies quotes and we would have made an astonishing 60% return would we have followed our own predictions. Nevertheless, one good Gameweek doesn't make a summer, so please be careful when you start betting and only bet what you can lose. I'll provide you with the details of all our gameweek results vs. bookies quotes next week.


Congrats to all the Gameweek winners for the English Premier League.

and to the Winners for September

Also congrats to the winners for the other competitions. All of you can find the newly earned batches on the website in your account.

Keep up the good work. Predict Matches and win batches!